Robbed by WIND in Italy

Walked into a Wind store on C. SO Garibaldi 73 in Milano with my iPad 3G. Asked for a dataplan to last over a couple of days and got the Mega Unlimited. Looked perfect even if €35 is a lot for just a weekend.

Beware of this store in Milan, and most likely of everything WIND in Italy
Was told that activation could take at most 24 hrs. SIM in iPad, it was activated after just a few hours. But internet only worked for a couple of minutes.

Back in the store today, I was told there was no credits remaining – the few minutes of internet I used was before Mega Unlimited was enabled. I was not told before that could happen. I was also informed today I should have received and confirmed a SMS, but as everyone know – that’s impossible on an iPad.

My €35 gave three minutes of internet. Thats even more expensive then roaming on my swedish subscribtion.

In the store there was absolutely no help provided, I was only pointed to calling 155 – were everything is in italian.

I am soo disappointed. It would have been so easy for the people in the store to sort this out, since what’s been delivered was clearly not what I asked for.

I hope they get to pay a high price for robbing me of €35, and that they learn the importance of happy customers in our times…

7 thoughts on “Robbed by WIND in Italy”

  1. Dear Joakim,
    we’re sorry about the trouble you incurred last time you travelled to Italy.
    Unfortunately, we cannot have control on every issue managed by our dealers, and we are grateful for this post because it allows us to deepen the situation.
    You posted the first complaint on FB on Satuday at 12,22pm, as reported on info tab, we cannot ensure any reply during the weekend time.
    As soon as we discovered your problem on Monday we asked for your personal details in order to take a concrete action to help you.
    And it takes a time scale to verify the situation and put up all the actions this issue and you deserve.
    While we are writing, your issue is been managed by our customer care so we hope everything will be settled as soon as possible.

    Best regards
    Wind Telecomunicazioni Spa


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