The things I do and why I do them

I work because I love this shit.

Senior advisor in all things internet and media. Old, new, digital. Some call me a social media therapist. CEO whisperer (with five CEO:s, all from Swedens top-25 largest corporations on my current roster). #4 when Huffington Post picked ”The Most Influential Tech CEOs On Twitter

Business angel and investor in early stage tech startups like Videoplaza (exit, acquired by Ooyala) Planeto (exit, acquired by Bonniers) and 11 more. #14 when The Telegraph picked ”The 100 most influential technology investors in Europe

I write, lecture, speak, facilitate and moderate large and small groups, always with the best evaluations in da house ;)

Long term internet evangelist, pundit and netizen. I believe in freedom of expression and in the powers of online in the democratization of our world. I have worked in the middle east and northern africa with these issues, but I’m also actively pushing the envelope in the already connected world. Let’s not destroy the potential of our free internet. I commit 50% of my time to pro bono work, always trying to be honest and do good shit.

Head of Internet emeritus, City of Helsingborg. I’m was hired over two year to make sure that the city (10.000 employees and a total of 137.900 pop) became the #1 internet city in the world, and that  we use the internet in every way – to be the best city possible. My work here is done ;)

Mindpark 3.0? In swedish and in english.

This site was given the YABA2010-award, elected by swedish readers, as the highest ranking blog in the category ”Media”. Cision picked Jardenberg Unedited as the most influencial site on social media and internet marketing in Sweden. The magazine Internetworld choose me as one of the ten digital profiles the Prime minister should listen to.

History of our business

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