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Welcome to Jaikuarchive – the Jaiku Presence archiver. We aim to rescue the immeasurable values built up on jaiku.com, but only the stuff you still care about.

Newsflash: More than 700.000 jaiks saved for the future. More than 15.000 users in the archive.

All you have to do to preserve your old content is to change the domain-part of the url from jaiku.com to jaikuarchive.com.

Note: you have to take action before jan 15, 2012. Once Google shuts down jaiku.com we can no longer access any more content.

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Example: Change chieftwit.jaiku.com/presence/666320
into chieftwit.jaikuarchive.com/presence/666320
hit the new link once, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Original idea and concept by Joakim Jardenberg, but all the coding and hard work was done by the amazing Andreas Holstenson. He is a true hero. Code is on Github.

A big thank you to the crew of City Network for providing us with all the hosting Jaikuarchive needs, and more. Love ya!

And we have a quote from Jyri Engeström, Jaiku co-founder.

Cool, thanks for doing this!!


Image: Jaiku egg, CC BY Jyri Engestrom / Flickr

8 thoughts on “Jaikuarchive.com – Jaiku Presence archiver”

  1. So Jaiku is finally down. Happened during the last hour or so. So, for all I know, this was the last jaik (it was my last, anyway): http://ctail.jaikuarchive.com/presence/d236d01736004b5aaf4b058ce2eff3c1


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