Jaikuarchive.com — Notes

Final notes (is anything ever final?)

  1. We only save presence links. No channels, not the personal pages etc. By popular demand: We have added channels and the profile page in a minuscule way. Google has promised to provide a way to download personal content, and hopefully they will. Jaikuarchive is another tool for another purpose.
  2. We do not attempt to archive any link that leads to a closed/private profile. If you want to use Jaikuarchive you must make sure your account on Jaiku is public.
  3. Trust is important. I can do nothing more than give you my honest guarantee that this service will continue to run in this same shape and form for as long at it is used by anyone at all. But there are no legal agreement, no formal binding. This service is provided as is.
  4. Copyright and IP rights is a mess, and nothing that I have put any effort into at all. My only hope is that the founders of Jaiku, Google and the community out there will appreciate our effort in providing this service in all good faith. If not, then we have to see where it takes us. Contact me at [email protected] with any claims or complaints. (I’ll try to act according to something like ”The Oakland archive policy” but this is a hobby project, fxinternet comes first, and seriously – this is just a repost of what was public on Jaiku.com.)
  5. Jaikuarchive is provided free from ads, we do not store any data besides what GetClicky uses for it’s stats (open for everyone to view), and in every other way we are good guys and will not mess with you at all. Please return the favor ;)