SharedItems2WP – Bring Google Reader Shared Items and Notes to WordPress

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Google has killed Shared Items. This plugin is no longer useful. Other solutions are emerging, here’s one that builds on tumblr (sorry, text in swedish only).

[first public release available at WordPress plugin directory. Be brave, go get it]

[feedback and support via WP forum]

Sharing is caring and a lot of us came to love a plugin for WordPress called Shared Items Post. Problem is, it was buggy and outdated, and the author stopped answering calls. So this is a new stab at that same functionality.

What it does: Use Google Reader to share with notes, set up some options in the admin panel of SharedItems2WP and watch your notes and links automatically and on schedule become a beautiful post in your WordPress blog. Really simple and extremely handy to keep that daily blog post coming.


  1. Simple setup, just enter the URL to your public sharing page from Google reader
  2. Set timer, or ”Run Now”
  3. Edit post template using simple elements
  4. Set default Author, Category and Tags
  5. There’s no step five…
  6. Some examples: jardenberg unedited (this blog), digitalpr

Whats new?

  • Stability. The previous version hade some timing- and duplicate issues.
  • Link resolver. If you share a Feedburner URL we will do everything possible to resolve that to the proper url.
  • Code cleanup.
  • ”Fixed” a long overdue problem with simplepie.


Download and version history:

  • Version 0.9 – this page will continue to be updated, download will be possible as soon as the plugin is in place on Codex. Please stand by.

SharedItems2WP admin-panel