Jaikuarchive.com — More todo

Stuff to do. Bugs reported and features requested. But before you report something, make sure it’s not the way it is by design.

  1. Feature: make timestamp an anchor, for permalinks to a specific spot in the conversation.
  2. Bug: wrong avatar is included when sharing a link on Facebook/Google+ etc. Debugger.
  3. Bug: sometimes internal presence-links are not rewritten to jaikuarchive-links.
  4. Feature: better error message when hitting a closed/private account.
  5. Bug: this one is in Jaiku – there is no way for a user to open/make public a closed/private account. Needs to be fixed. Ping @jyri
  6. Feature: some kind of mechanism to ”claim” the profile base, and point to a current home in cyberspace. ie : jocke.jaikuarchive.com should says something nice and contain a link to jardenberg.se/joakim