Tomorrow I will meet the team behind at the Social Media Cafe in Cairo. About HarassMap:

HarassMap is a new social initiative that will help restore Egypt’s tradition of public safety for women using an SMS reporting system for sexual harassment to change its social acceptability, spread awareness and revitalize the public movement.

There is so much to say about the situation in the middle east, about the amazing people I have had the fortune to meet, and about where social media is going in this region. I’ll get back to all that, after returning home and sorting all the impressions.

But for now I just want to give a shoutout to my followers and friends – send a message to the team behind the HarassMap. It has the potential to be a great example of using social media as a changemaker. Give them cheer, provide ideas or just reach out to make contact. Write a comment here or blog about it. If you do it before 20.00 friday, I’ll make sure they’ll notice.

When Fast Compay writes about the site it starts by asking the question: ”But will it work”. Let’s do everything we can to make sure it does. OK?

Update: Yes, this initiative seems to be built upon the Ushahidi platform. Way to go!

Update: Åtta månader senare hittar Mashable tjänsten. Bra, bättre sent än aldrig!