I’ve been a Google Apps customer for many years and it truly is a great service. But I really wish Google would explain why they treat us paying customers as lesser users. Every apps-user can testify on the total chaos Google brings upon us. The latest example was tonight when I downloaded the new version of Latitude. ”Check-ins are not currently available on Google Apps accounts”. Same old story. This time it’s a small issue – but a troublesome indication of the continuation of the bigger problem. Google Apps accounts are almost impossible to use in Google-land.

The examples of trouble are endless. Not only do we see numerous services that won’t let us login and use them with our apps account, but others just quit on us – despite the promises of change. Google Analytics is only one of the many services that has been a total mess ever since the transition was launched.

But whatever. Long story short: could Google please explain why they continue to abuse this specific user base? Is it really such a bad thing to be a paying customer?