I’m me again – after an amazing week as @sweden

Curators of Sweden

What a week it’s been. This monday morning I was handed control over the @sweden Twitter account. Every week another swede, and the week #8 of 2012 I was the Curator of Sweden. February 20th-26th will always have a special place in my heart.

In most ways it has been an ordinary week. I’ve worked as usual, lived as usual and been my usual communicative me. I’ve used Bambuser, Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud and most of all Twitter just as I always do. I’ve only done it in a different account – @sweden – and in a different language.

But if the effort has been pretty much the same, the reward has been something totally different. It has been amazing to break out of the ordinary crowd of followers and get response from all over the world. And everyone has been so friendly, supporting, interesting and – more than anything – funny!

I’ll try and go into more depth on my different experiences during the week in a later post. I’ve learned a lot, as I had to realize the power of #royalbaby being born in the middle of my shift. The baby girl sure made havoc of my focus on tech, startups and the importance of a free internet. But I’ll continue to push those issues in my everyday work, and I hope some of you will stay with me.

BTW, here’s the Spotify playlist you helped compile, and let’s not forget to share under #swedentoday once in a while.

I’m now going back to mostly swedish on @jocke, but I’ll try to keep some english flowing on @theJocke as well. Come join me there. And join me on the rest of my channels if you wish – I’ll try my hardest to make it worth the effort. BTW, I added Curator of Sweden as a position on my online CV at LinkedIn. Feel free to add a recommendation ;)

And to close… Again my biggest thank you to all of you how made this week so memorable. I’ve listed some of the goodbyes in a Storify.

Keep following @sweden, the Curators to come in following weeks are absolutely amazing. <3

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