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arne tammer stalman annons

The image above is part of an old ad with Arne Tammer, the first – and only true – Mr Sweden to me. The text says (if you click the image): ”You’ll be a SUPERMAN with this 15 minute method”…

So, this week I’m the curator of Sweden. It’s about us ordinary swedes running the offical @sweden twitter account for seven days, in an effort to tell it like it is. So I will spend my week as I always do but move most of my tweeting from @jocke to @sweden. Come follow me.

You can see where I’m going in my calendar and you can see where I am live on this map. I’ll do some live video with Bambuser, show some pictures on Instagram (and flickr), check in with Foursquare, and all in all try and give you the richest experience possible. Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas, I’m all ears!

This week it’s what we in sweden call ”sportlov”, a week when schools close and families take a break to go skiing (or just relaxing). Being well organized swedes ”sportlov” is distributed over a couple of weeks so that it doesn’t get crowded in fjällen.  But no break for me, I don’t do vacation;) It’s business as usual – and this week will be about doing stuff related to internet, media, tech, startups, democracy and freedom of expression. Stuff I care about, and stuff I love.

Here’s some of the previous coverage on @sweden by BBC, Mashable, TNW, and Reuters. But there’s so much more, this thing has spread like wildfire. 

Let’s make this week fun and useful. OK?

6 thoughts on “I’m @sweden”

    • Ja, det är hur kul som helst. Och inte så besvärligt, jag gör ju i princip samma sak som jag alltid gör. Funkar kanon att kombinera med vanliga jobbet. Funderar på att inte lämna ifrån mig kontot på söndag ;)

  1. Hehe, förra veckan var också sportlov och nästa vecka också, osv. Sveriges sportlovsperiod är veckorna 7 till 11.


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