Hootsuite is an amazing tool for doing social media management. I loved them for a long time, and most likely will continue to endorse them. But they have a lesson to learn about conversations — they don’t only take place on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and the usual suspects.

Conversations also happens on mail. And I know you know that, because you send mail to me. But when I try to reply you slam the door in my face.

Now, listen. Don’t ever, ever, ever send a mail to a customer with a no-reply address. If you do it to someone who is not your customer it’s called spam, and it’s bad enough – but when you do it to someone that you have a  relationship with it like telling them to f*ck off.

And it’s not like it’s big news or rocket science, it’s more like common sense.

So, I would very much like for you to explain how this could happen, and what you’ll do about it.

Update: I’ve got a very friendly response to this post from Hootsuite. By mail… What is it with these guys ;) I don’t want to break etiquette by posting it, but I can post my reply. I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

Hi, and thank you for your mail. But again, I’m kind of surprised. You are supposed to be good at conversations – how come you didn’t respond in a comment on my blogpost? This mail, as a response, is outside of the public conversation I started and again, you break out of the flow (just as you do with no-reply).

I’m also surprised that you don’t really understand the customer/client perspective on what I say. Communication between you and me are supposed to be as effortless as possible for me – right? Conversations should be able to take place with as little friction as possible?

If you send me a mail, I shouldn’t have to go somewhere else to respond. It’s extremely unfriendly to me as a user, and to the conversation as a flow.

[your ”explanation”, with a wide array of purposes for your outgoing mail, really is no explanation at all. Just send them with different (working) reply-to addresses and the problem is solved]

So, I would urge you to take a look at this excellent list of reasons for not using no-reply: http://masstransmit.com/broadcast_blog/why-using-a-no-reply-address-is-a-bad-idea-6-reasons/ and then get back to me with some real answers. Answers that pushes the conversation forward.