Launched: Jaikuarchive

Google is to shut down our beloved Jaiku. This post (in swedish) lead to the launch today of a new service called Jaikuarchive. It’s all about saving an important piece of our common online heritage. Read about it, and help spread the word. Come jan 15 2012 it will be to late.

But on a side note, this could be an interesting concept for other services as well. There is something appealing in the idea of saving the links and the stuff that matters to people, even if a service shuts down – don’t you think? Maybe one day we’ll need to setup or ;)

Andreas Holstenson did an amazing work in putting this together in no time, and the code is available on Github. Let us know if you want to contribute or use it in any other projects. Maybe we could get something started…

Also, a big thank you to City Network for hosting the project in their City Cloud.

Image: Jaiku cup cakes, CC BY-NC-SA TonZ / Flickr.

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