Start caring, start sharing – it’s all about democracy

An experiment with a slidecast. Very rough, and more to be added. Read below for the summary. This is work in progress. Comments on technique as well as content is welcome! TEDxBotkyrka – Start caring, start sharing Note, this video should play at slide 3, but slideshare does not seem to allow both video- and … Read more

TEDxStockholm – Nu kör vi TEDxSweden?

TEDxStockholm, originally uploaded by paulamarttila. Lördagen ägnades åt TEDxStockholm ett härligt arrangemang, orkestrerat av Teo Härén och Henrik Ahlén. Accenterna ;) Min sista tweet säger allt om vad jag tyckte, hoppas jag: ”#tedxstockholm was a good thing. Love to all who made it happen. ’nuff said!” Efter talare som Hans Rosling (i absolut toppform), Johan … Read more