Start caring, start sharing – it’s all about democracy

An experiment with a slidecast. Very rough, and more to be added. Read below for the summary. This is work in progress. Comments on technique as well as content is welcome!

TEDxBotkyrka – Start caring, start sharing

Note, this video should play at slide 3, but slideshare does not seem to allow both video- and slidecastembeds in one file.


As the media industry is going down the drain we need to leverage new tools to serve the democracy, and keep the public eye on the authorities.

Those tools are the internet as a free and unrestricted platform, an upgrade of the concept ”open government”, and ourselves.

We must start caring about the tools, and then we must start sharing our knowledge.

– – –

If it’s not online
(and freely, safely available)
it’s not really public

If knowledge is not shared
it’s not really knowledge

– – –

Start caring
about the free internet and public data
Start sharing
everything you know

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