På lördag börjar fobolls-EM med öppningsmatchen i Basel mellan Schweiz och Tjeckien. Uefa har släppt en hel del intressanta siffror inför evenemanget som visar hur stort det är. Hela listan från UEFA hittar du här (pdf).

8,000,000,000 Some 8 billion viewers in all followed UEFA EURO 2004 on TV, a figure that is sure to be exceeded during UEFA EURO 2008
1,200,000,000 1.2 billion page views are expected on www.euro2008.com
234,000,000 The operational budget for UEFA EURO 2008 amounts to EUR 234m (CHF 386m).
100,000,000 100 million visitors are expected on the official website, four times more than on euro2004.com
1,050,000 tickets were available for purchase for UEFA EURO 2008.
70,000 Up to 70,000 football fans can take in the biggest official EURO fan zone, the one in Vienna. It occupies Rathausplatz and Heldenplatz, with Burgring connecting the two squares.
67,406 For ten days, 67,406 football fans in Austria and Switzerland voted on what the UEFA EURO 2008 mascots should be called. Trix and Flix won with 36.3% of the votes, ahead of Flitz and Bitz (33.7%) and Zagi and Zigi (30%).
35,000 For UEFA EURO 2008, approximately 35,000 accreditations will be issued. Apart from the 1,600 UEFA/Euro 2008 SA partners, suppliers, etc., the 5,000 volunteers have to be accredited, to give them access to relevant parts of the stadiums and other tournament locations. Roughly 800 accreditations will also be issued for players, coaches and other members of the delegations of the participating teams. In addition, some 10,000 media representatives will be working at UEFA EURO 2008, including 4,800 radio and TV personnel, 900 photographers, 2,800 print media journalists and 900 host broadcast staff (responsible for TV production). Stadium and security personnel account for 10,000 accreditations, while a further 7,500 are reserved for service providers working in areas such as catering, logistics and telecommunications.
30,000 The website www.euro2008.com will consist of 30,000 different pages, not counting the numerous pages of statistics, facts and figures.
10,000 During UEFA EURO 2008, media representatives will provide the world with information about the tournament, including 4,800 radio and personnel, 900 photographers, 2,800 print media journalists and 900 host broadcast staff (responsible for TV production) .
10,000 The international broadcast centre (IBC) covers a total area of 10,000 m².
4,000 For every goal scored during UEFA EURO 2008, UEFA is donating EUR 4,000 (CHF 6,700) to the ”Score For The Red Cross” fundraising campaign.
1,000 The 13-minute opening ceremony will involve about 1,000 participants.
500 At every match, seven super slow motion cameras and one high-speed camera will record over 500 frames per second.
180 countries worldwide are receiving signals from the IBC.
100 km of cabling has been installed for host broadcast operations.
30 cameras are covering the matches, including one helicopter.
23 The grass length in all eight stadiums will be 23 mm.
16 cameras will be used for player tracking in order to provide level three statistics (distance covered, successful passes, etc.). TV
10 www.euro2008.com is available in ten languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean – two more languages than for UEFA EURO 2004.

Det ska bli intressant att följa trafikutvecklingen på sportsajterna i Europa. Enligt comScore besökte 85 miljoner européer en sportsajt under mars 2008. En ovanligt hög siffra som delvis förklaras med ”Six Nations Rugby Tournament”.

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