När dagstidningarna dör

  New York Times söndagsbilaga skriver här om vad som händer med en storstads identitet när dagstidningen dör.  Långt och läsvärt. Jag citerar: This drumbeat, a relentless declaration that print is doomed, may be a problem in and of itself, making it easy to cast anyone who wants to save print as a Luddite. In … Read more

New York times anställer social medieredaktör

“An awful lot of people are finding our work not by coming to our homepage or looking at our newspaper but through alerts and recommendations from their friends and colleagues. So we ought to learn how to reach those people effectively and serve them well. Jennifer will work closely with editors, reporters, bloggers and others to … Read more

Varför sociala medier och web 2.0 ger liv åt den fria pressen

“I still think they (readers) know the difference between real news and bullshit,” he says. “And they’re glad that someone cares enough to get things on the record and print the truth.”-Russel Crowe från filmen State of play På sociala media today skriver man om hur web 2.0 och den sociala evolutionen på nätet med … Read more